Its history

In 2021, Blue Observer purchased an iconic sailing monohull – the former Adrien Based in La Rochelle and marked for sale several years prior, this iconic boat is a vaton plan designed for Van den Heede and built at the Gamelin shipyard in 2002. It was renamed L’Oréal, then Tahia under sailor Maud Fontenoy and her foundation.

It boasts a fine record with several round-the-world voyages. In 2004, it broke the reverse round-the-world record with VDH in 122 days, 14 hours, 19 seconds – a record held to this today. As L’Oréal, it made a reverse voyage around Antartica with Maud Fontenoy in 2007.

Now owned by Blue Observer and christened Iris, our vessel possesses the ideal characteristics for our plans, thanks both to its speed in various conditions and its carbon footprint.


Fast and carbon-free

thanks to its racing boat characteristics

Innovative and flexible

thanks to its adapted technical equipment and multi-skilled crew

Specialized equipment

Meteorological station

(provided by Météo France)

Onboard microbiology laboratory

(hood, incubator, pumps, filters, sensors, liquid nitrogen)


(provided by Ifremer): device for measuring surface water parameters (temperature, salinity). The meteorological station and thermosalinograph will transmit their data in real time in accordance with international standards.

Float storage capacity

(ex: + 83 Argo)


plankton nets and specifically designed aerosol filters

Buoy and drone or marine robot deployment capabilities, with possible CTD calibration

(salinity, temperature, depth).

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