Maritime operator

With our science-equipped sailboat, we offer a low-carbon, low-cost, silent and flexible way for the scientific community to conduct deep-sea collection, deployment and observation missions.

The advantages of oceanography under sail


The daily sea cost is a fraction of the rate of a motor boat. The autonomy of the velvet propulsion allows to navigate in remote maritime areas


The size of our sailboat and the agility of our structure allow us to set up missions quickly in coordination with the project leaders and to share different scientific projects


Sailing respects the environment by avoiding any polluting discharge in the water or in the air and allows the collection of uncontaminated microbiological samples


The acoustic impact of a sailboat is very limited and avoids disturbing the marine fauna. This allows us to carry out large mammal observation missions in ideal conditions

Our fields of action

The physics of the ocean

Deployment and recovery of probes and instruments that collect surface and deep water data essential for weather and climate forecasting

The microscopic world

Collection of aquatic and aerosol samples to increase knowledge of marine microorganisms that play a key role in biodiversity and climate

Marine fauna

Study of marine megafauna to better understand and preserve it, and to support the creation and improve the management of marine protected areas


Collecting samples to assess the level of plastic pollution in the ocean and the consequences on marine ecosystems

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