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The ocean by numbers

The ocean covers

of the globe
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of the planet's oxygen is produced by the ocean
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of excess heat is absorbed by the ocean
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of CO2 is absorbed by the ocean
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of marine species remain to be discovered
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An ecosystem in danger

The ocean is warming, causing a rise in its level and extreme climatic phenomena. The acidity of the oceans has increased by 30% in 250 years, impacting many organisms and corals. The water is becoming depleted of oxygen. Deoxygenation could reach 7% of stocks by 2100.

According to the IPCC, it is unequivocal that human influence is responsible for global warming (atmosphere, ocean and land). According to the scenarios considered, the carbon sink constituted by the ocean should be less efficient in the future, thus causing the accumulation of COin the atmosphere.

Blue Observer is a scientific platform aiming at decarbonizing oceanography and developing innovation in order to better understand, value and protect the ocean.

Our activities

Scientific maritime operator

Blue Observer offers a decarbonated, economical, silent and flexible way for public or private organizations to conduct collection, deployment and observation campaigns on the high seas to meet the needs of their scientific programs.

Innovation developer

Blue Observer supports the development of responsible innovations that find their source in the ocean ecosystem. By putting human, technical and financial means at the disposal of project leaders, Blue Observer deploys the potential of innovations on the market.


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