Blue Observer Innov'

What is Blue Observer Innov’?

Une cellule pluridisciplinaire pour accompagner des projets d’innovation liés à l’économie bleue (BlueTech / OceanTech) dans leur développement et leur mise sur le marché.

Thanks to its expertise in key development areas, Blue Observer Innov’ supports the creation of responsible innovation startups.


Blue Observer Innov’ proposes an operational and commercial support adapted to the specific needs of each project.

La cellule d’experts metà disposition les compétences nécessaires au développement de solutions innovantes durables, de la sortie de la phase de R&D en laboratoire jusqu’au développement de la solution (Proof of concept / Proof of value) et au lancement de l’activité (mise sur le marché).

Avec son réseau dans l’écosystème de l’innovation bleue, Blue Observer Innov’ est le partenaire idéal des porteurs de projets qui souhaitent amener leur innovation sur le marché.

Global expertise to support responsible innovation

Blue Observer Innov’ peut compter sur un portefeuille de compétences dans tous les domaines clés :


Scientific watch, intellectual property research, scientific coordination with project leaders

Business development

Project set-up and search for investors, team building, search for grants / public funding, business plan and market study, negotiation of intellectual property with SATT, creation of consortium


Market analysis, strategic marketing (SWOT, positioning), definition of the marketing mix strategy (product characteristics, price definition, definition of distribution networks, definition of the communication strategy and implementation of offline and online promotional actions)

Our partners

Blue Observer Innov’ has a large network with the actors of the Breton innovation ecosystem: Technopôle Brest Iroise, Campus mondial de la Mer, Blue Valley, Biotech Santé Bretagne, région Bretagne, BPI, etc.

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Our current projects

A strain library, for an ocean of solutions

The ocean is a huge reservoir of biodiversity.

At the heart of this environment, plankton represents 95% of the marine biomass and includes a wide variety of species. To date, only 10% of marine microorganisms have been described.

This means that this microscopic people has not yet revealed all its secrets. Indeed, these marine micro-organisms, invisible to the naked eye, are real “bio-factories” and offer an immense potential.

They represent a source of unique chemical compounds with novel biological properties. This can provide access to new resources, ingredients and biosourced actives.

At Blue Observer, we are currently developing a responsible innovation project in collaboration with the Roscoff Biological Station which consists in collecting marine micro-organisms to be isolated, cultured and characterized.

During our last expedition, we were able to collect about a hundred strains in the Atlantic Ocean from various environments and far from sources of contamination.

Microbiological sampling

Thanks to our oceanographic platform, we are feeding our “strain library” as we go along with our missions with the following objective: to put this raw material with a high exploitation potential at the service of biotechnology players in the cosmetics, nutraceutical and health sectors.