In oceanographic research for the international ecosystem,

Blue Observer offers a range of services

Maritime science research

We offer sevices in oceanography for science and industry:

Oceanographic instrumentation

The company offers instrument deployment and recovery at sea. One portion of the instruments aids in better understanding the ocean, climate change and weather patterns.

“In the marine environment, the deployment of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), autonomous and semi-autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs), drones, stationery data-collection and relay stations, is set to expand considerably”

(source: The Ocean Economy in 2030, OCED, 2017)

Microbiology: marine and aerosol sampling

The aim of sampling is to better understand ocean biodiversity and ocean-atmosphere interactions. Certain environments generate particular interest from scientists, specifically in the fields of therapeutic, cosmetic and nutraceutical research. The collection of aerosol samples at sea has piqued the curiosity of both scientists and manufacturers.

“A total of thirteen Nobel Prizes in medicine are related to marine production. The possibilities seem to be limitles, […] less than 0,5% of marine organisms have been studied through the lens of therapeutic research”

(source: Jean-Michel Arnaud, Les Echos, January 26, 2021)


R&D: our scientific teams work mainly on developing technological innovations, including:


Recovery, repair, redeployment of onsite underwater instruments


Creation of an aerosol strain library with the Roscoff Marine Station to identify molecules of interest intended for scientific research


Development of a miniaturized hydrogen propulsion systel for 100% carbon-free expeditions

CSR program leader

We collaborate with SMEs and major groups to build and lead CSR programs aimed at understanding and preserving our oceans, as well as promoting Sustainable Development Goals.

Our contribution to Sustainable Development Goals:

The United Nations have defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Blue Observer makes a tangible contribution to 7 of tge 17 goals.

Working with Blue Observer means:

Collecting data on marine resources

on which 3.5 billion people depend for survival

Collecting sea molecules of interest

as bases for innovative products and medicines

Instructing future generations

through targeted actions

Clean energy
On the development of carbon-free solutions

via sail power and hydrogen project

Climate change
Improving understanding of how the ocean functions

(notably, air/ocean interactions) and its impact on climate

Aquatic life - fish
Working to understand and protect aquatic life
Advancing projects and partnerships with the scientific community

* In terms of CO2 emissions, the key issues are the reduction and compensation. At Blue Observer, we believe there is a third issue that must be overlooked: understanding and protecting existing oceanic carbon sinks, especially phenomena such as plankton blooms; the ocean captures 30% of the CO2 they emit.

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