Expedition: stopover in Woods Hole (December 6-14)

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Back in pictures on the WHOI stopover

Stopover at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The Blue Observer crew made a stop at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on the east coast of the United States from December 6 to 14. A time dedicated to the loading of 78 new Argo floats.

Iris was moored alongside the MV Neil Armstrong, a U.S. oceanographic research vessel whose crane facilitated the loading of the floats.

port woods hole

It was also an opportunity to exchange with the teams of the oceanographic institute on the cartography and the deployment procedure to Saint Helena. A specific training allowed all the crew to know the exact functioning of each type of floats.

equipage iris woods hole
chargement balises whoi voilier
equipage woods hole balises whoi

Departure from WHOI

It is with emotion that the crew left Woods Hole on Tuesday, December 14 for the continuation of their expedition. The welcome he received was truly exceptional. The maneuver went well, the weather was calm and the sun was out.

Direction the South Atlantic! And more precisely: the island of Saint Helena. The route taken must allow the deployment of floats at very precise GPS points.