A crowdfunding for our next expedition around Africa

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The whole team of Blue Observer launches a crowdfunding campaign.

The funds raised will allow us to equip our oceanographic sailboat IRIS for our next scientific campaign around Africa.

Our next expedition 2023 - 2024 : Africa Ocean

We are currently preparing our next 18-month campaign that will take IRIS and the crew of sailors and scientists all around the African continent. The departure is planned in February 2023 from Brest.

On the program of this expedition:

This multidisciplinary program will allow scientists to collect crucial data in several areas :

  • Deployment of oceanographic instruments to survey data-deficient areas for better climate risk management.
  • Microbiology: collection of aquatic and aerosol samples from these environments to study species diversity.
  • Pollutants: collection of samples to study the extent of pollution (macro and microplastics, endocrine disruptors) on the first links essential to our survival on earth.
  • Marine fauna : exploration of Marine Protected Areas to provide new data and participate in a better management of these ecosystems that are essential to restore a healthy and productive functioning of the ocean

Discover also the inaugural expedition of IRIS and its crew in the North and South Atlantic in 2021 and 2022.

A crowdfunding to continue the transformation of the sailboat

In order to leave in the best conditions for this scientific expedition around Africa, we must continue the transformation of our sailing boat IRIS.

Indeed, a lot of work has been done on the boat after its acquisition to allow the realization of our first expedition : complete hydrogumming of the hull, complete control of the hull, revision of the electronics, revision of the engines, verification of the rigging, change of the J2, renewal of the fittings, interior fitting.

Our next campaign will have a longer duration and will host more science programs. We must therefore prepare the sailboat for the campaign by adapting it to new protocols.

That’s why we are launching a fundraising campaign to equip the sailboat in several ways:

  • the specific functioning of the sailboat
  • the addition of scientific equipment
  • the addition of renewable energy equipment

Take part in our actions!

To accompany us in this next scientific campaign around Africa and support our activity as a carbon-free maritime operator, we invite you to discover all the details of our crowdfunding !